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The destruction of community

There was a time when if I saw a man being abusive to a woman, I could with some confidence, intervene verbally. If he got angry with me, I could continue my verbal intervention, or walk away…if he got physically aggressive towards me, I could reasonably count on other bystanders coming to my aid. Today, […]

Styx and Stones

Plato found a teacher who taught him                                                          how to learn.                                   […]

Belief and Straight Jackets

Lots of people wrap themselves in their belief systems much as they would wrap themselves in armor. It serves to protect them. But protect them from what? From the most dangerous foe they can imagine: ambiguity. Thus wrapped, they are free from the necessity to think. And what a wonderful freedom that seems to be. […]

Writing by the Numbers

I remember advertisements in magazines offering the buyer the opportunity to paint a picture by filling in the numbered sections with the color of the paint that the number represented. Why did they call that “painting”? Wasn’t that like calling a crossword puzzle “writing”? More and more often as I read articles or listen to […]

Descent into Democracy

An article in this morning’s Washington Post got me thinking. It was telling the story of the new magic media: texting, twittering, tweeting, twits, twizzles and whatever other “t” words are used to describe the instant messaging that goes on between people no longer in voice proximity. In this particular case, the subject of the […]

No conflict; No drama

well managed conflict may further new understanding; unmanaged conflict leads to destruction

We need a grown up Media

media mavins use their influence in nefarious ways to our detriment