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Snippet: things

Arnie: 53, greying fringes surrounding the balding center of his head, pin stripe deep blue tailored flannel suit, jacket open, covering a ruby red button down dress shirt, opened at the neck and one button down is sitting with his life long friend, at a table outside of their favorite coffee shop. Arnie is happily […]

Facebook and Psychodrama

From the perspective of this Psychodramatist, Facebook is the social manifestation and confirmation of Moreno‚Äôs essential message: we live our lives simultaneously as protagonists in our own life drama and as auxiliaries (supporting actors) in the life dramas of other people. As soon as we recognize that reality we can begin to develop the roles […]

Tour Guides

Watching an HBO special Talking Funny with Ricky Gervais, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Louis C. K. I was impressed by their thoughtful and witty observations on what being funny is about, and how each of them has their own individual style of taking their audiences into their comedic realm. The next morning as I […]

From Jung, through Freud, to Moreno and Booker

Freud describes the individual psychology as it emerges from Jung’s co-unconscious genetic pool; Moreno and Booker identify the promise and limitation we live with because of our need to understand life by way of stories.