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The long dark channel

The Hunched Man stumbles in the passageway, A long dark channel, out of the waters and into the light. He pictures with his eyes the shapes of hunting: The famine mystique, The whiskey fed man, The curled and dangerous totems of his tribe. For H.M. life felt like a series of dark channels leading to […]

Missing: e.e. cummings

2/12/15. Missing e.e. cummings “The little lame balloon man” Has given up on whistling. It is his brain gone “Goat footed”. Addled and saddled With sad Add Vice He straddles virtue And rides her into the ground. “bettyandisabel” hop with their scotch While “eddieandbill” have lost their marbles. Peeking over the hedge funds We seek […]


“Pieces of the poem fell in fragments Like the pictured windows of ancient cathedrals Shattered by a rock they fell with no floor in sight.” And so do we, Fall from the platforms we have built, The cognitive structures designed To keep us safe. The Truth we seek may well exist But we are sized […]

As If It Were Our Own. Page 29

We are a savage lot Choosing devour over devotion And benighted over benign. We trust the certainty of divination Over the complexity of the divine And seek guidance from talking heads. They feed our need for simplicity with duplicity While concealing their conjecture with conviction. What used to be the news media, now owned by […]