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Facebook and Psychodrama

From the perspective of this Psychodramatist, Facebook is the social manifestation and confirmation of Moreno’s essential message: we live our lives simultaneously as protagonists in our own life drama and as auxiliaries (supporting actors) in the life dramas of other people. As soon as we recognize that reality we can begin to develop the roles […]

The Orange Car

The story of the orange car is as follows. We were in France a little over a year ago with two other couples, very good friends, and as we were walking up a street in a small town we noticed a car about 20 yards away from us up the incline. The car captured our […]

First Comes The Music

That thought, First comes the music then comes the dance, occurred to me at a wedding. We were heading down to where we were supposed to  receive dance lessons in some kind of Klesmer dance steps but when I arrived the band was playing and everyone was dancing with whatever steps seemed to fit the […]

Words Become Flesh

This may be the opening blog for a number of follow-ups. I tend to find meaning in metaphor, and in this case, words becoming flesh is one that has intrigued me for years. So, given the need for brevity in this particular medium, let us begin. It seems reasonable to think about our DNA as […]

The Good Life

It seems to me that the old philosophic question, posed, I thought by Socrates, but others have said Aristotle, remains fundamental; and when attached to it’s logical extension, what, if any, is the relationship of how we live this life and what we can expect to find at our death, the combination becomes more relevant […]