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The destruction of community

There was a time when if I saw a man being abusive to a woman, I could with some confidence, intervene verbally. If he got angry with me, I could continue my verbal intervention, or walk away…if he got physically aggressive towards me, I could reasonably count on other bystanders coming to my aid. Today, […]

Systems Have No Conscience

As individuals, raised in a family of one sort or another, in a town of some kind located in a country somebody once named, we develop a  conscience. No, it’s not the same conscience for each of us, not even if we are twins, but there does develop over time, through all the bumps and […]

accidents and purpose

My two and a half year old grandson threw his spoon to the floor. It was a swift action, coming, it seemed from nowhere. It was’t one of those “let’s see what happens” kind of a thing that we often see in children that age, the early scientific explorations of the law of gravity. No, […]

First Comes The Music

That thought, First comes the music then comes the dance, occurred to me at a wedding. We were heading down to where we were supposed to  receive dance lessons in some kind of Klesmer dance steps but when I arrived the band was playing and everyone was dancing with whatever steps seemed to fit the […]

It’s Never the System; It’s Always the Greed

We don’t know how to manage ourselves, so we cannot manage the system. Whether we look at the Five Poisons, or the Seven Deadly Sins the wisdom literature tells us over and over again that without  the the individual self management of impulses emanating, in Freudian terms, from the Id, we will ruin any social […]

therapy simplified

Sometimes what we used to experience as synergistic thinking and feeling gets turned inside out and what was once energizing becomes a cycle of depletion and despair.

The need for a sock drawer

Our understanding of ourselves in this universe is dependent upon our need and ability to create story lines out of the innumerable dots of information that surround and inhabit us.