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The adolescent poet no longer

section one of the Hunched Man is concluded. The next blog will begin section two: the Painted Mirror

Growing up is hard to do

We all know thal learning to delay gratification is an important part of growing up, and we also know in our confessional moments that we never master all of those impulses that can being us to immediate joy,or sudden overwhelming regret. That is probably why we look forward to a life shared with robots. Another, […]

Class Warfare

The current class warfare began without comment when  the economic rationale for an all volunteer military trumped any  other  social considerations. The thinking went this way: poor kids with no job opportunities can find work in the army, make a living, pay taxes,  and earn a good retirement. Kids from the middle-class  and above will […]

Facebook and Psychodrama

From the perspective of this Psychodramatist, Facebook is the social manifestation and confirmation of Moreno’s essential message: we live our lives simultaneously as protagonists in our own life drama and as auxiliaries (supporting actors) in the life dramas of other people. As soon as we recognize that reality we can begin to develop the roles […]

Truth vs. the Pundits

What seems evident to me cannot be less than that for the professional politicians and political pundits. On the other hand I don’t risk a following or a job for saying out loud what seems so obvious. There are no “wings” in today’s Republican Party; there are two major centers of passion and influence that […]

The danger of Political Pandering

Meanwhile, the world whirls its way, with political destructiveness in what could be mistaken for a super bowl like contest with the climate to claim the title of most out of control. The reactivity of some regimes in the middle east is a physical manifestation of the kind of emotional verbalizations of our own process. […]

Rumination 3; please read 1 and 2 before reading this

In a way that is possibly similar to the verbally disorienting but mathematically reliable formula  in quantum physics known as the wave-particle duality theory, perhaps it is reasonable to understand the soul (universal creative energy) as simultaneously one and the same on going eternal process which appears and is experienced as differentiated as it manifests […]