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Class Warfare

The current class warfare began without comment when  the economic rationale for an all volunteer military trumped any  other  social considerations. The thinking went this way: poor kids with no job opportunities can find work in the army, make a living, pay taxes,  and earn a good retirement. Kids from the middle-class  and above will […]

The Familiar vs. the Foreign (#1)

“Would we really know ourselves?”  That line is from a long poem I began writing many years ago. The question remains. Most of us live our lives in a construct I call a story line, built out of experiences, selectively remembered and reconfigured to help us make sense out our lives, to help us determine […]

Cultural memory and imagination

The current crisis brewing in the Middle East between Iran and Israel is difficult for the general population in the rest of the world to understand because they are not driven by the same memories and imaginations that drive the populations of these two countries. In Iran, the duplicity, exploitation and map making of the […]

Descent into Democracy

An article in this morning’s Washington Post got me thinking. It was telling the story of the new magic media: texting, twittering, tweeting, twits, twizzles and whatever other “t” words are used to describe the instant messaging that goes on between people no longer in voice proximity. In this particular case, the subject of the […]

Safety of the Group

Group norms act as prohibitors, permission givers and commandments to the behavior of individual members of the group. From the ancient Hebrews to medical doctors, to lawyers and even to the financial group of Wall street traders who serve in the role of villains in today’s economic drama, what we may do, may not do, […]