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Are the commandments always the same?

“The shoe Forks Lightening And Thunder From the Mountain While two hands full Of sentences, indeterminate in duration, Count them, One for each finger (But nothing for my toes) Come tumbling down Down, Down softly to float on undivided waters To fill our pillows And to make tickings in our ears. They need neither stone […]

accidents and purpose

My two and a half year old grandson threw his spoon to the floor. It was a swift action, coming, it seemed from nowhere. It was’t one of those “let’s see what happens” kind of a thing that we often see in children that age, the early scientific explorations of the law of gravity. No, […]

The Familiar vs. the Foreign (#1)

“Would we really know ourselves?”  That line is from a long poem I began writing many years ago. The question remains. Most of us live our lives in a construct I call a story line, built out of experiences, selectively remembered and reconfigured to help us make sense out our lives, to help us determine […]

When Lost in Ignorance

I have heard the quote: “When lost in ignorance, man makes himself the measure of all things” attributed to Da Vinci, and perhaps it is his. I cannot pretend to understand what he, or whoever else may have said it, meant by that observation because it is true, and I am ignorant of what went […]

Archetypes Can’t Tell Time

One way to understand the idea of “making a judgement” is to think about it as a choice that can be made in the gap between a stimulus and a response. It is, of course, the polar opposite of automatic, and its effectiveness is dependent upon the length of time available in that gap.  That […]

From Jung, through Freud, to Moreno and Booker

Freud describes the individual psychology as it emerges from Jung’s co-unconscious genetic pool; Moreno and Booker identify the promise and limitation we live with because of our need to understand life by way of stories.

The voice of life

A line popped into my head some months ago and reappears from time to time bringing with it new perspectives, or perhaps re-aligning old ones. The line is simply: We are all fleshy manifestations of a ubiquitous spirit. As I try today to make some relational sense of language and our bodies and the way […]