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Tour Guides

Watching an HBO special Talking Funny with Ricky Gervais, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Louis C. K. I was impressed by their thoughtful and witty observations on what being funny is about, and how each of them has their own individual style of taking their audiences into their comedic realm. The next morning as I […]

First Comes The Music

Too often we try to teach the steps to a dance before letting our students find their way by simply moving to the music. I believe that is a common failure in trying to teach almost all subject matter. Even the expression “subject matter” implies something ┬ádull and inert sitting in solid impenetrable silence unwilling […]

Infomercials: a diet for disaster

The written word provides its own authority. We learn that in school, a tradition handed down from the Western Middle Ages when monks copied holy scripture. That formal and familiar classroom structure was elaborated in the school system of Prussia in the 1880’s. When we hear about innovation attempts in education it always within the […]