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The long dark channel

The Hunched Man stumbles in the passageway, A long dark channel, out of the waters and into the light. He pictures with his eyes the shapes of hunting: The famine mystique, The whiskey fed man, The curled and dangerous totems of his tribe. For H.M. life felt like a series of dark channels leading to […]

He hunched himself

“He hunched himself against the corner where wall meets floor, where morning meets night, where fight meets flight, and paralysis becomes the oasis in the desert of everlasting day.” The isolation room is where psychiatric patients are placed when their behavior on the ward is  seen and experienced by the staff as too threatening to […]

“God gave me eyes……”

“God gave me eyes and took away my tongue lest I flap it like a flag in the morning breeze” That is the first line in my center piece poem…a poem that’s been with me for a long time. The Hunched Man is the off key non-linear singer of a soul trying to manifest itself […]


“Pieces of the poem fell in fragments Like the pictured windows of ancient cathedrals Shattered by a rock they fell with no floor in sight.” And so do we, Fall from the platforms we have built, The cognitive structures designed To keep us safe. The Truth we seek may well exist But we are sized […]

Facebook and Psychodrama

From the perspective of this Psychodramatist, Facebook is the social manifestation and confirmation of Moreno’s essential message: we live our lives simultaneously as protagonists in our own life drama and as auxiliaries (supporting actors) in the life dramas of other people. As soon as we recognize that reality we can begin to develop the roles […]

Infomercials: a diet for disaster

The written word provides its own authority. We learn that in school, a tradition handed down from the Western Middle Ages when monks copied holy scripture. That formal and familiar classroom structure was elaborated in the school system of Prussia in the 1880’s. When we hear about innovation attempts in education it always within the […]

From Jung, through Freud, to Moreno and Booker

Freud describes the individual psychology as it emerges from Jung’s co-unconscious genetic pool; Moreno and Booker identify the promise and limitation we live with because of our need to understand life by way of stories.