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Orthodoxy in Public

In this morning’s Washington Post, Amanda Bennett has written an article on bias that is well worth reading. She raises the question, and fuels it with strong and reasonable “what ifs” regarding the interaction of certain religious orthodoxies that in our daily public life are experienced by women as prejudicial. That was her focus, and […]

The Family of Nations

The family of nations is a phrase often used, but ignored in its essential usefulness. We use it as a parallel pretense to our cultural “agreement” that families are functional social units. A brief look inward combined with a neighborly glance around tells us clearly that is not as true as we would like it […]

Truth vs. the Pundits

What seems evident to me cannot be less than that for the professional politicians and political pundits. On the other hand I don’t risk a following or a job for saying out loud what seems so obvious. There are no “wings” in today’s Republican Party; there are two major centers of passion and influence that […]

It’s Never the System; It’s Always the Greed

We don’t know how to manage ourselves, so we cannot manage the system. Whether we look at the Five Poisons, or the Seven Deadly Sins the wisdom literature tells us over and over again that without  the the individual self management of impulses emanating, in Freudian terms, from the Id, we will ruin any social […]

Oligarchy and Democracy

Perhaps one way to understand Obama’s relationship to the Elites is for us all to stop either whimpering or recriminating and recognize that he, like all Presidents, merely rents the house that the Elites own. He can make some limited repairs, some customizing to suit his understanding of the world and what’s politically important ( […]

The need for a sock drawer

Our understanding of ourselves in this universe is dependent upon our need and ability to create story lines out of the innumerable dots of information that surround and inhabit us.

The Rules of the Game

Imagine if you will the  coaches of championship Rugby, Soccer, and Football teams ignorant of the rules that govern each other’s game, knowing only that all of the games are played on a field with a ball. Their task is to develop a strategy to win a game coming up against an unknown team. All […]