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Faith and Belief…an ongoing series of thoughts

I’ve heard it said that Religion is one way we try to make sense out of nonsense. I would soften the “nonsense” to “what we do not understand” and then I would expand that idea to all other belief systems as well. Physical science, the hard sciences of theory, experiment, repetition, and continued research is […]

Christmas Poem 2012

Christmas¬† 2012 Where winter lives It wounds us in so many ways. There are many among us Who rush into it wearing the latest armor, The ski mask, robbing us only of our recognition. There are others Flight bound in a variety of directions To find the sun shine and warm beaches. What, I wonder, […]

The aristocracy of the 1%

The basic lack of understanding between the 99% and the 1% is about money. For most of us money is what we use to pay the rent or mortgage, go to a movie, pay for health insurance, buy gas for the car. It’s function is simple, and if we have enough to do the daily […]

A flight into a fantasy

From the free dictionary on line: abstraction: the process of formulating generalized ideas or concepts by extracting common qualities from specific examples Suppose we have it backwards. Suppose the ancient Greeks, Plato on the ground, and the gods on Olympus were closer to the truth, but like us, constrained in our imagination by the limits […]

Successful Criminals know the Right people

Successful Criminals know the Right people

This article is an unwitting advertisement for going to college and meeting the right people along the way. It’s difficult to choose who can do the best job of self-justification: the guy in the half-way house who rapes and bullies his “neighbors” or the guy who makes a fortune by providing him the environment and opportunity to do it. Read it an hour or so after eating so that you don’t throw up.

The Trickster

LIfe is a Trickster. It puzzles, dazzles, delights, and defeats us. No matter how much we study, no matter how much we pray, it simply will not give us that special love and attention we crave. We want to understand it, but every time we think we are getting closer to that understanding it spins […]

Snippets and The Garden

Snippets (according to the on line free dictionary): A bit, scrap, or morsel We are living now in the time of the Snippet. E-mail, (almost outdated), tweets, twitter, and texting, where appetizers are served at all hours. Search engines that can give you an instant biography, photographic in content, rather than a film size full […]