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Why Terror

Many of us wander almost like bees from one flowering “maybe” to another. Purpose for our lives seems to evade us, it hides, perhaps in disguise, and we envy those who seem to know without any doubt, what they are supposed to do to make the most of this short time here on earth. Responding […]

The wrong turn

The children’s stories we read are often about getting lost. Out walking, the heroine and her little brother see something interesting off in the distance, in a direction they have never tried and telling each other to be brave they take a turn they have not taken before and enter into a strange new lost […]

Going once, going twice, Sold to the guy willing and able to spend the most money…

Welcome to our democracy, built on the solid foundation of a capitalist system run amok. I cannot count the number of times each day I am asked to contribute to one political campaign or another. $3.00 or $5.00 will do. And if I did, for each of them, each day, it would cost me more […]

Christmas poem 2013

Sometimes, Sitting still can be a big mistake. What you think you know May disappear into the truth. Christmas is coming. The advertisements are unrelenting. The pundits, Turned brain side out Are all preaching and predicting. Silence is their common enemy. Sitting still is not part of their vocabulary. Tears, and for a lucky few, […]


“Pieces of the poem fell in fragments Like the pictured windows of ancient cathedrals Shattered by a rock they fell with no floor in sight.” And so do we, Fall from the platforms we have built, The cognitive structures designed To keep us safe. The Truth we seek may well exist But we are sized […]

The Hunched Man and Other Poems: page 3

The room surrounded him: Objects of desire Obtained by firing his imagination And hiring I its stead A head of numbers and receipts. Everyone wants to get ahead, but what kind of a head is left unmentioned. We are taught to funnel our selves into a pre-scribed future, written by wannabe doctors of Eco nomics, […]

Exit Stage Left

I went to a memorial service two days ago, a service for an old friend from my work a- day- world of some years ago. In another week I will go to a service for another friend, an ex-student from another time, another life, another script. At the first service there were many of the […]