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Fine Suit Junkies

FINE SUIT JUNKIES “The omnibus empties And refills. In the exchange he is deposited Amidst the temples of downtown. Bleating lamb or scaped goat Who shied thy eyes And took they tongue? Who formed the sinews That make thee run? Insurance clerk or Under writer Either title to be reckoned with; He drops his hat […]

H.M. on the bus to work

“A mini skirt approaches Hoisting herself into a sitting position Opposite his own. ‘I would follow the line to laughter, But the battle might turn Grimm.” The bus trip always took the same streets, made the same turns at the same corners, and the same stops at the same signs. According to H.M.’s watch, the […]

Styx and stones may break my bones

“I cannot bring myself to do it; I cannot bring myself.” And yet he does. Finding a token for the fare man. “Styx and stones may break my bones,” He hunches his body against the Window Watching the shadows reflected on the Glass wall. “I have been a journeyman drawing in The water; Cast now […]

“He’s what we call a curler,”

“ ‘He’s what we call a curler’, The leader of this cluster said, Said carefully, One word at a time, Enjoying, like the taste of a fine wine, The wonder at his expertise, Release the apprehension of unknowing From the scholastically disciplined faces Of his learning staff.” How else are we supposed to learn what […]

Some poems are playful kittens— from AS If It Were Our Own, page 16

Some poems are playful kittens Lurking in the corner of our consciousness Darting in and out Chasing imaginary mice. Some poems are loyal dogs Obedient to command Willing to play fetch They bring back to the page the wandering word But there are others, Phantoms of our own unwritten Operas. They lure us with mysterious […]

Christmas Poem 2014

What is it about the Dark, That frightens us? Why does the shrinking of the day, When light arrives so late and leaves so early, Frighten us? Are we so easily lost In visions of a never ending night? Sweaters, jackets, and over coats Have been hanging In our closets, Waiting for this season to […]

Confusion and Collapse

The sound of collapse is all around us. In the U.S. the political system is in a close race with our transportation system to see which one gets declared the winner in a race towards non-functionality. Our physical bridges along with our metaphorically constructed political bridges are in different degrees of collapse. And we, as […]