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Sabatoge of the Presidency

The result of the years of state redistricting, gerrymandering most of the time, has resulted in a political paradox. The nation wide electorate in the country, for now, maintains a broad enough spectrum of political positions that, in order to win, a Presidential candidate needs to produce a campaign that reflects that spectrum. The opposite […]


  Our popular entertainment, as well as our religious heritage fills our imagination with stories of brothers. Sometimes they are allies, sometimes antagonists; but always in relationship. There is no way for brothers to be unrelated. I am currently reading an interesting and enlightening book: Brothers, by Stephen Kinzer. It is a biography of the […]

Romney’s Problem

Romney has created for himself a very difficult dilemma. If he maintains his refusal to release his tax returns for the last 10 years he fuels speculation about that decision. If we all didn’t love to solve mysteries the movie industry would go broke. But having resisted for so long he cannot change his mind […]

Class Warfare

The current class warfare began without comment when  the economic rationale for an all volunteer military trumped any  other  social considerations. The thinking went this way: poor kids with no job opportunities can find work in the army, make a living, pay taxes,  and earn a good retirement. Kids from the middle-class  and above will […]