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“God gave me eyes……”

“God gave me eyes and took away my tongue lest I flap it like a flag in the morning breeze” That is the first line in my center piece poem…a poem that’s been with me for a long time. The Hunched Man is the off key non-linear singer of a soul trying to manifest itself […]

From the Hunched Man, page 3

my discover that we die

Snippet: things

Arnie: 53, greying fringes surrounding the balding center of his head, pin stripe deep blue tailored flannel suit, jacket open, covering a ruby red button down dress shirt, opened at the neck and one button down is sitting with his life long friend, at a table outside of their favorite coffee shop. Arnie is happily […]

As If ItWere Our Own. Page 19

Spring spend itself into summer And autumn withers into winter While our days weaken into months And our years tumble into each other Until they are collapsed upon our final bed. Five year olds run into time. Those of us with 70 in the rear view mirror are running out of it. What an odd […]

As If It Were Our Own. page 39

The widows are winding their watches Waiting For what will never be And For what has to be. The widows are watching the wind And The leaves as they grow still. The widows live in winter Waiting For the beginning Of the end Of waiting. What is the end of waiting? What ends and what […]