About Todays Drama

A life Internal changes with the weather; not The Weather, but the weather inside, the whether or not, the whence and once, the twice and thrice of language, that funny habit we learned in the Garden that sent us out into a world of change and challenge.

Adam warned Eve, “Don’t sit under the Apple Tree with anyone else but me.”  Ah yes, anyone else but me, and of course the Snake, we all met him or her in high school, the Snake, enticed and offering a treat gave us language, without which, like the animals we had been, we would not be able to think about Good and Evil and all the weeds and wonder that have grown from that learning tree.

This blog pays attention to words, to drama, to change: that is, pays attention to living. WELCOME!


  1. Norm Zinger · · Reply

    Beautiful site Stan! I’m enjoying a liesurely stroll through your thoughts…beams of light shining through the canopy, illuminating aspects of life below.
    thanks, Norm

    1. Thanks Norm. Got to figure out some chat time somehow. Lough (the merger of love and laughter) all around. From all os to all of you

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