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The Bright One

a meeting of minds

“He’s what we call a curler,”

“ ‘He’s what we call a curler’, The leader of this cluster said, Said carefully, One word at a time, Enjoying, like the taste of a fine wine, The wonder at his expertise, Release the apprehension of unknowing From the scholastically disciplined faces Of his learning staff.” How else are we supposed to learn what […]

He seeped into himself

We are often lonely together

He hunched himself

“He hunched himself against the corner where wall meets floor, where morning meets night, where fight meets flight, and paralysis becomes the oasis in the desert of everlasting day.” The isolation room is where psychiatric patients are placed when their behavior on the ward is  seen and experienced by the staff as too threatening to […]

“God gave me eyes……”

“God gave me eyes and took away my tongue lest I flap it like a flag in the morning breeze” That is the first line in my center piece poem…a poem that’s been with me for a long time. The Hunched Man is the off key non-linear singer of a soul trying to manifest itself […]