The destruction of community

There was a time when if I saw a man being abusive to a woman, I could with some confidence, intervene verbally. If he got angry with me, I could continue my verbal intervention, or walk away…if he got physically aggressive towards me, I could reasonably count on other bystanders coming to my aid.

Today, I would risk being shot. I cannot take that risk. The NRA tells me I should carry a gun myself in order to say safe.  That logic leads to all of us carrying guns in order to be safe from each other.

Welcome to the community of the future. Imagine for a moment being a police officer trying to maintain order in a community of men and women all licensed to carry concealed weapons. How would you approach the man abusing a woman….how would you approach two angry men arguing  over a parking place? Would you dare?

And if you were a white officer  carrying the cultural prejudices of this white dominated society, and the men arguing were African American, how would you respond? How would you handle the tension between your duty to maintain order, and the fear, fueled by prejudice, that one or both of the men might be armed?

I have confused myself. This is not our community in the future. It is our community today……as racial tensions increase more and more people are buying guns. That is the simple truth. And latest studies indicate an increase in the number of people who feel racial tensions are increasing.

What would happen if everyone running for office at all levels of government made a moral commitment to accept no money from the NRA or any organization connected to it?

If  that happened,  the politicians could agree on reasonable legislation to control the purchase and use of guns. Nothing else will work. If we do not, as a nation, take that pledge, we will have sold the safety of each and every one of us, and each and every one of our children  to the NRA’s solution.




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