Some poems are playful kittens— from AS If It Were Our Own, page 16

Some poems are playful kittens
Lurking in the corner of our consciousness
Darting in and out
Chasing imaginary mice.

Some poems are loyal dogs
Obedient to command
Willing to play fetch
They bring back to the page the wandering word

But there are others,
Phantoms of our own unwritten Operas.

They lure us with mysterious music
Into and beyond our understanding.

What a game we play with ourselves, and each other, chasing after meaning and understanding….A random string pulled by who knows what…
And yet, and yet, at certain moments for every one of us comes the overwhelming, heart crunching plea: “I just want to understand!”
I can hear with an imaginary ear, God in the garden telling all of us through His conversation with Adam and Eve: “I warned you not to eat that apple; now you are stuck with what you identify as Good and Evil….but I am sending you away without Understanding…That is for Me, not for you….give my regards to Job, when you see him”

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