Monthly Archives: April 2015

Orthodoxy in Public

In this morning’s Washington Post, Amanda Bennett has written an article on bias that is well worth reading. She raises the question, and fuels it with strong and reasonable “what ifs” regarding the interaction of certain religious orthodoxies that in our daily public life are experienced by women as prejudicial. That was her focus, and […]

The Family of Nations

The family of nations is a phrase often used, but ignored in its essential usefulness. We use it as a parallel pretense to our cultural “agreement” that families are functional social units. A brief look inward combined with a neighborly glance around tells us clearly that is not as true as we would like it […]

Missing: e.e. cummings

2/12/15. Missing e.e. cummings “The little lame balloon man” Has given up on whistling. It is his brain gone “Goat footed”. Addled and saddled With sad Add Vice He straddles virtue And rides her into the ground. “bettyandisabel” hop with their scotch While “eddieandbill” have lost their marbles. Peeking over the hedge funds We seek […]

Styx and Stones

Plato found a teacher who taught him                                                          how to learn.                                   […]