Sabatoge of the Presidency

The result of the years of state redistricting, gerrymandering most of the time, has resulted in a political paradox. The nation wide electorate in the country, for now, maintains a broad enough spectrum of political positions that, in order to win, a Presidential candidate needs to produce a campaign that reflects that spectrum.

The opposite is true in more and more congressional elections, in the House and in the Senate. Those districts send robotic representatives with the instruction to remain “faithful” at all times and under all circumstances to the prevalent political belief systems . They are functionally forbidden from negotiating with the “opposition”. The opposition is defined as anyone who has another way of looking at the world.

If anyone of those representative dares to employ their individual conscience to collaborate in what they realize may be a sensible compromise they know they are risking a primary fight, which they will lose.

Within that framework, a President of any party is subject to paralysis in terms of initiating any legislation that reflects the programs he or she campaigned on. Thus in the eyes of the national electorate he/she becomes ineffectual and a weak leader.

Currently if in response to the deadlock in congress the President utilizes Executive Authority the opposition charges him with Executive Overreach and dictatorial ambitions.

The result of all of this, while providing material for the chattering class, enfeebles the Presidency, and eliminates the legislative function of the congress. All either one can do is veto what the other has proposed.

In a world of incredibly rapid change and increasing international danger this condition leaves us with the reality of our inability to govern. In this case, the President and the congress have clothes for the parade, but nothing else.


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