Christmas Poem 2014

What is it about the Dark,

That frightens us?

Why does the shrinking of the day,

When light arrives so late and leaves so early,

Frighten us?

Are we so easily lost

In visions of a never ending night?

Sweaters, jackets, and over coats

Have been hanging

In our closets,

Waiting for this season to rescue them,

To restore them to their usefulness.

We long to find a way to be so useful.

Snow can be beautiful.

Can be.

May be.

But winter winds are cold,

And unpredictable.

Our gloveless freezing hands

No longer hold

The promises of spring.

We need the light

And warmth;

We need the fire

And the candles

Of a celebration.

We hunger for a party

Where we can find each other,

When we Sing and Dance and Love.

We need some way

To scare away our fears.

And toss our tears into tomorrow.

Birth answers Death.

And thus we gather yearly on this day

To pledge ourselves to that reality;

To sing happy birthday carols

And to wish us all, a Merry Christmas.

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