Going once, going twice, Sold to the guy willing and able to spend the most money…

Welcome to our democracy, built on the solid foundation of a capitalist system run amok. I cannot count the number of times each day I am asked to contribute to one political campaign or another. $3.00 or $5.00 will do. And if I did, for each of them, each day, it would cost me more than I spend on anything else. And if I don’t, I lose. So, since I am not a billionaire, not even a poor struggling millionaire, the message to me is to give all I can give, or live with the consequences of being governed by the political party that has done a bit more than its share to push us into this place. Surprise! The reality upon which these requests rest us as simple as the sun in summer. Our elections belong to the highest bidder.

Maybe not all of them, and maybe not all of the time, but often enough to make the rare exceptions meaningless.

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