Our popular entertainment, as well as our religious heritage fills our imagination with stories of brothers. Sometimes they are allies, sometimes antagonists; but always in relationship. There is no way for brothers to be unrelated.

I am currently reading an interesting and enlightening book: Brothers, by Stephen Kinzer. It is a biography of the Dulles brothers, Alan and John Foster. Their history is really our history and in following their political development my understanding of the brotherly relationship between corporate America and the Federal Government, has in some wonderful combination of cognition and intuition been illuminated in a totally unexpected way. What follows will be presented in the authoritarian third person voice, not because I think it is unalterably true, but it is very true for me at this moment, and truth is always put on the pedestal of the third person.

The Republican Party is the costume Corporate America wears in the drama over who will govern this country. Part of it’s script includes the apparent “balancing” charge that Unions and freeloaders own and dominate the Democratic Party. The equivalency is a surface reality functioning only because of our tendency to look for balance even where there is none.

The Republican charge of class warfare is correct; but the warfare is one that probably was born with our revolution, grew into adolescence with our industrial revolution, and young adulthood with the first world war. To claim an equivalency in aggressiveness between the classes makes no more sense than to insist on the same equivalency between Cain and Abel or Jacob and Esau.

Corporate America claims through generations of education, income, and family connections the same kind of “right to rule” that classical nobility has always claimed. It insists on the same right to exploit, the same right to determine, define, create and interpret the law and the same right to ignore  it when it chooses to.

The political charges of ‘Governmental overreach” and “intrusion” and the insistence on the need to “shrink” the government are designed to fit the language of political debate. In truth, the government at any level but especially at the Federal level is experienced by Corporate America as a Competitor for governance, a competitor for the family inheritance it is entitled to. In its eyes it is the wiser brother intent on saving the family fortune from the spendthrift ways of it’s prodigal brother, the Federal Government.


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