Christmas poem 2013

Sitting still can be a big mistake.
What you think you know
May disappear into the truth.

Christmas is coming.
The advertisements are unrelenting.
The pundits,
Turned brain side out
Are all preaching and predicting.
Silence is their common enemy.
Sitting still is not part of their vocabulary.

Tears, and for a lucky few, laughter
Come more easily with the years,
A return of sorts, to our beginnings
When everything new
Was wonder full,
And everything was new.

Of course
That’s what the sitting still,
It unlocks the memory closets of our souls,
Not simply the bruising and blushing
Of incidents merged now into years,
But feelings, stretching themselves awake again.

Unbundled and unwrapped
We rediscover
Forgotten gifts:
And in the deepest recess of time
Before words replaced our understanding,
We shared our infant love,
With those who held us,
Who rocked away our our sobbing fear,
And soothed us with their warmth.

Kings and Queens came bearing gifts
To celebrate our safe arrival.
They knew how far we’d come
To be with them,
To bless them with the glory of new life,
And in a silent moment,
To give them hope.

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