As If ItWere Our Own. Page 19

Spring spend itself into summer
And autumn withers into winter
While our days weaken into months
And our years tumble into each other
Until they are collapsed upon our final bed.

Five year olds run into time. Those of us with 70 in the rear view mirror are running out of it. What an odd and troubling thought. Troubling enough to want to forget about it. But our life long friends won’t let us. We can mentally massage the image in the mirror, but are friends reveal us to ourselves. All that time trying to be something special to discover that age is the great equalizer, the eraser of so many differentials.
Well, what I can’t avoid I have to dance with, and certainly, dancing with ideas is less of a strain on my knees than jumping on a dance floor.
After spending my spring time on the wonderful summer of romance turned into love and family, the question is what else is worth spending my time on?
The body, the mind, the heart and the soul. For the body, it’s diet and the gym. For the heart, it’s whoever is in front of me. For the mind and soul, it’s trying to transform my life’s experience into interactive behavior and a language that is simultaneously unique and understandable.
Isn’t that what all of us are doing all the time? Isn’t human life the ongoing transition of what we are into behavior, and isn’t behavior simply the manifestation of what we’ve learned?
What happens to the way we think about ourselves if we entertain the idea that everything we say and do is almost a robotic response dictated by our habits? That growing up means learning a script, and feeling like a success means not flubbing our lines.
When we find ourselves “in over our heads” or “out of our element” isn’t that like “flubbing our lines”? We talk easily about someone doing something “out of character”. Those situations feel like we’ve stepped into someone else’s script. And that description, obviously is a familiar one for anyone who has studied the theory and language of psychodrama.
But I would like to avoid a retreat into any psychological language and stay for a moment instead thinking about how we live, how much of our life feels like it’s on automatic pilot and whether or not the metaphor of living into life’s drama, and finding ways to rewrite it doesn’t offer us a useful way to deliberately translate who we want to be into who we are.

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    Our friends reveal

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