As If It Were Our Own. Page 29

We are a savage lot
Choosing devour over devotion
And benighted over benign.

We trust the certainty of divination
Over the complexity of the divine
And seek guidance from talking heads.

They feed our need for simplicity with duplicity
While concealing their conjecture with conviction.

What used to be the news media, now owned by the entertainment industry, is doing its diversionary job by promoting excitement about our next Presidential election just around a three year corner. In only two more years we will hear once again the moaning and bemoaning of how the public seems to have lost interest and confidence in our political system.
Sometimes my head feels like a bongo drum.
We, and by that I mean all of us adult articulate bipeds living in this country, cannot keep focused on the more important realities we face in part because those realities are not entertaining. I am beginning to wonder if we appreciate, and I use that word deliberately, appreciate the difference between war and war movies, and the difference between the excitement we feel watching sci-fi movies and the chaotic disruptions already on their way from climate change.
Thinking about real difficulties makes us uncomfortable, especially when easy answers are out of reach. We are built for fight or flight, not so well equipped for thoughtful dialogue and solution searching.
But we can learn new ways of thinking, and new and more effective behaviors. After all, everything we think and do we learned. We weren’t born knowing how to drive a car or eat with a fork.
But we have to want to learn. Try this on for size the next time you wash your hands in the bathroom sink. Watch your hands in the mirror. Watch how they seem to wash each other. Give it just a minute or two and then give yourself another minute or two to let the experience settle in.
Do it, and then let us know what it was like.

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