Monthly Archives: August 2013

As If ItWere Our Own. Page 19

Spring spend itself into summer And autumn withers into winter While our days weaken into months And our years tumble into each other Until they are collapsed upon our final bed. Five year olds run into time. Those of us with 70 in the rear view mirror are running out of it. What an odd […]

As If It Were Our Own. page 39

The widows are winding their watches Waiting For what will never be And For what has to be. The widows are watching the wind And The leaves as they grow still. The widows live in winter Waiting For the beginning Of the end Of waiting. What is the end of waiting? What ends and what […]

As If It Were Our Own. Page 29

We are a savage lot Choosing devour over devotion And benighted over benign. We trust the certainty of divination Over the complexity of the divine And seek guidance from talking heads. They feed our need for simplicity with duplicity While concealing their conjecture with conviction. What used to be the news media, now owned by […]

Growing up is hard to do

We all know thal learning to delay gratification is an important part of growing up, and we also know in our confessional moments that we never master all of those impulses that can being us to immediate joy,or sudden overwhelming regret. That is probably why we look forward to a life shared with robots. Another, […]