Christmas Poem 2012

Christmas  2012

Where winter lives

It wounds us in so many ways.

There are many among us

Who rush into it wearing the latest armor,

The ski mask, robbing us only of our recognition.

There are others

Flight bound in a variety of directions

To find the sun shine and warm beaches.

What, I wonder,

Has Christmas to offer them?

Their amusements do for them what others crave;

They have no need of hope.

So many souls are crushed beyond repair,

Each day a tragedy,

Each sleep a nightmare.

And then there are the rest of us.

Dull, and helpless to bring relief

To sooth the grief that seems to govern

More and more, the destination of our kind.

I dare wonder,

Was the hope that followed the plagues

From Pandora’s box

An antidote, or only

The last and most formidable of all?

The question, please, is simply this:

Is hope a narcotic or a cure?

I have always wondered thus,

And have no claim to any answer.

What little I do know is simply this:

Our origin was in a jungle deep,

From which we all did come.

Some need or spirit of adventure

Lured us to many places

Where lives found ways to live.

Caves shielded us in some of them;

Caverns, mountains, and deserts did the same.

Stories abound from all these places,

And all these times,

Of miraculous births, and wonders

Beyond our understanding.

In one of these places,

In one of those times,

From a very old story that promised redemption,

A living sequel was born

Out of scripture,

A testament to hope.

From the desert that sheltered this tribe

A Child was born to bring

Love into Law

And turn Hope into Love.

One comment

  1. David Lee · · Reply

    !!! I could keep up with this amazing poem as far as “caverns, mountains and deserts…”

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