Romney’s Problem

Romney has created for himself a very difficult dilemma. If he maintains his refusal to release his tax returns for the last 10 years he fuels speculation about that decision. If we all didn’t love to solve mysteries the movie industry would go broke.
But having resisted for so long he cannot change his mind now without appearing to lack courage in the face of mounting pressure. So here he is demonstrating himself to be either someone who refuses the advice of wise friends and supporters or someone who lacks conviction and once again “flip-flops” his way out of difficulty.
No one really thinks he did anything dishonest, so what information could be so damning?
Well, I love mysteries too, and I love guessing the answer. So, led to this thought by an unnameable Co-Speculator, here is our answer: the tax returns will show that some years, governor Romney gave more money to his church than he paid in Federal Income Taxes.
If that proves to be true, individuals and groups who cannot find common ground on almost anything else will take turns hitting him for choosing church over state. And, at risk, is the nomination itself, which might be rescinded by former supporters afraid to step into that rickety boat with him.


  1. Romney won’t lose the nomination. This late in the game, he really can’t, since he has all the pledged delegates he needs. He certainly won’t ever disclose the docs, and it looks like he survived the attacks:

    Polling indicates they had no effect, besides draining Obama’s pocketbook and his stockpile of political capital. I’m still scratching my head… why did the Democrats choose to attack him now? A Bain related attack in October would have been much more damning.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I don’t imagine he could lose the nomination, but I do believe that if in fact the returns did show that he gave more money to the church than he paid inFederal taxes that fact would certainly give a lot of different people with very different root motives a lot of ammunition. So far that is the oonly reason I can think of for his adamant refusal to reveal the information. Todaysdrama

      1. I’ve also heard that his financial history is so complicated Democrats might try to distort legitimate deductions as fraudulent or loopholes. If his tax returns for this year were 100+ pages, I can’t imagine what 10 years of returns would look like!

  2. David Lee · · Reply

    I don’t get the video clip.
    But, here is a link to another clip. Rachel Maddow discusses an aspect of his 2010 tax return.
    Romney received a $77,000 tax break for feeding and maintaining a horse, he professes to have no interest.

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