Successful Criminals know the Right people

Successful Criminals know the Right people

This article is an unwitting advertisement for going to college and meeting the right people along the way. It’s difficult to choose who can do the best job of self-justification: the guy in the half-way house who rapes and bullies his “neighbors” or the guy who makes a fortune by providing him the environment and opportunity to do it. Read it an hour or so after eating so that you don’t throw up.

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  1. David Lee · · Reply

    Wow! One more example how we can not care for people. Reminds me of quote from Supreme Court Justice Oliver Holmes (early third of 20th century) in a decision when he was a Supreme for the state of Massachusetts. “The aim of the law is not to punish sins, but is to prevent certain external results.” But of course, Corrections is now a big time source of affluence for nurses and doctors and corporate managers and stockholders. And the game is how little to we have to give.
    ? Remind us, someone, who said something to the effect of –A criminal is a person who does not have the resources to create a corporation.”

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