The Trickster

LIfe is a Trickster. It puzzles, dazzles, delights, and defeats us. No matter how much we study, no matter how much we pray, it simply will not give us that special love and attention we crave. We want to understand it, but every time we think we are getting closer to that understanding it spins us with some new maneuver. We ask it to be fair, but we know it’s won’t be. It’s capricious, always going about its own business with no real regard for what we we want or thought we had been promised. But perhaps the hardest thing to face is that it’s tricks are not meant for us; we are a participating audience in a show that is indifferent to us; it goes on every moment; has done so without us, and will continue to do so without us. So much for the free ticket we each get at our own beginnings.

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