Snippets and The Garden

Snippets (according to the on line free dictionary): A bit, scrap, or morsel

We are living now in the time of the Snippet. E-mail, (almost outdated), tweets, twitter, and texting, where appetizers are served at all hours. Search engines that can give you an instant biography, photographic in content, rather than a film size full meal, are literally (how many ways can that word be spun?) at our finger tips.

It is easy to decry this developmental process; easy, and mistaken. My experience is that the snippets lead me into the garden of information that has been seeded and cared for over generations by students and teachers, learners and the learned; fools and wise souls that walked their days on this earth. The fruit, vegetables, and flowers they have sown and tended ripen and bloom each moment with new variations of wonderful design.

The snippets are invitations to visit this garden; to take a few minutes more to wander, to look more closely, to taste, to touch and to let the love that has created all of this slip into our hearts and join us to each other.

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