Monthly Archives: March 2012

Facebook and Psychodrama

From the perspective of this Psychodramatist, Facebook is the social manifestation and confirmation of Moreno’s essential message: we live our lives simultaneously as protagonists in our own life drama and as auxiliaries (supporting actors) in the life dramas of other people. As soon as we recognize that reality we can begin to develop the roles […]

The Familiar vs. the Foreign (#1)

“Would we really know ourselves?”  That line is from a long poem I began writing many years ago. The question remains. Most of us live our lives in a construct I call a story line, built out of experiences, selectively remembered and reconfigured to help us make sense out our lives, to help us determine […]

Truth vs. the Pundits

What seems evident to me cannot be less than that for the professional politicians and political pundits. On the other hand I don’t risk a following or a job for saying out loud what seems so obvious. There are no “wings” in today’s Republican Party; there are two major centers of passion and influence that […]


Wednesday, March 14, 2012     Break  fast   “Breakfast But the words ran together Leaving him without their meaning Or intent.” The Hunched Man,   stan smith     “Brake fast”, the driving instructor said, Leaning forward, his head blocking The side view mirror, “You have to learn to hit the the brake right […]

Cultural memory and imagination

The current crisis brewing in the Middle East between Iran and Israel is difficult for the general population in the rest of the world to understand because they are not driven by the same memories and imaginations that drive the populations of these two countries. In Iran, the duplicity, exploitation and map making of the […]