Monthly Archives: May 2011

Tour Guides

Watching an HBO special Talking Funny with Ricky Gervais, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Louis C. K. I was impressed by their thoughtful and witty observations on what being funny is about, and how each of them has their own individual style of taking their audiences into their comedic realm. The next morning as I […]

The Orange Car

The story of the orange car is as follows. We were in France a little over a year ago with two other couples, very good friends, and as we were walking up a street in a small town we noticed a car about 20 yards away from us up the incline. The car captured our […]

First Comes The Music

That thought, First comes the music then comes the dance, occurred to me at a wedding. We were heading down to where we were supposed to¬† receive dance lessons in some kind of Klesmer dance steps but when I arrived the band was playing and everyone was dancing with whatever steps seemed to fit the […]