It’s Never the System; It’s Always the Greed

We don’t know how to manage ourselves, so we cannot manage the system. Whether we look at the Five Poisons, or the Seven Deadly Sins the wisdom literature tells us over and over again that without  the the individual self management of impulses emanating, in Freudian terms, from the Id, we will ruin any social system.

The promise of Communism was to rectify the abuses of the Capitalist system, but in practice the commissars acted just like any opportunistic slick trading financier. We are forced to live with Eric Hoffer’s truth: “you can’t get enough of a substitute”  That simple reality on an individual basis explains Greed. We can leave the system truth to what is credited to Yogi Berra: “In theory, there’s no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.”

Name the country and the political/social system that governs it, and point to any one that isn’t plagued by greed motivated corruption. The best any system can do is to make the consolidation of corruption difficult, if not impossible. To that end our system has held up pretty well, but there is no question that at the moment the result of years of carefully orchestrated indoctrination by the financial elite have us drifting ever more closely to an out right oligarchy.

We assume at great risk that the democratic principals that form the foundation of our political structure are so secure in the hearts and minds of all of our citizens that no one, and certainly no group of people, and least of all enormously wealthy people would deliberately design programs intended to capture political power  while operating behind the mask of grass roots popularism. And yet, that is where we are today.

With the media captured by the economic power of the entertainment industry, and most of us worked silly by the demands of the day that we sit eagerly in front of  banal and hypnotic episodes offered by t.v. dramas and sit-coms just for some relief, we ignore the danger to our political system.

Collaborative decision making is difficult, that is why, to a large degree, plain old people are easily governed leaving political decision making to the “experts”, failing to realize that the political “experts” are themselves manipulated and misled by the architects of the oligarchy.


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