Faith in a Secular World

Apparently we are DNA driven to put Faith in something. If we don’t want to give it to God, than as the commandment recognized, we give it to “idols and false gods”. It may be that we choose a number of them: the free market, rationality, love, science, or my focus for the moment technology.

We must believe that we can do what we want to do to the earth because we will always be able to figure out a way to fix any mistakes we make. How else could we proceed to drill in deep waters and not insist on putting in place whatever protections and safeguards that we have developed.

Yes, there is a fundamental question regarding the ultimate wisdom of trying to drill in such a place. But like an addict brain addled by the urgency of his need, who holds up a pharmacy wearing his nametag from work,  BP had no time for rudimentary precaution. No time to find a friend to be a lookout. No time to make sure all the instruments essential to safety and success are the right quality. And no time to utilize the last resort, the extra two wells, as they should have at the beginning of the process.

And the regulators, like the hall monitors who are supposed to maintain a reasonable sense of appropriated behavior in the busy Junior High School halls as kids rush to and from class, looked the other way whenever their friends bumped into or bullied someone.

Clearly there is a Faith of some kind operating here. Either mom or technology will clean up the mess. But this time, mom has taken off for some other kind of life, and technology, like a hammer that’s lost its head, is useless.


  1. David Lee · · Reply

    Very nicely written!

  2. David Lee · · Reply

    The writing is very appealing to me. As a Jr.Birdman Buddhist, this writing represents groundlessness, where genuine good stuff begins. Consequently, “Faith in a Secular World” is a very upbeat message. Thanks for giving my week a good start!

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