Monthly Archives: May 2010

Faith in a Secular World

Apparently we are DNA driven to put Faith in something. If we don’t want to give it to God, than as the commandment recognized, we give it to “idols and false gods”. It may be that we choose a number of them: the free market, rationality, love, science, or my focus for the moment technology. […]

Pandora’s Box

Although it is an idea that rests with the minority of commentators, it is still one that I have entertained with some discomfort over the years: that is that HOPE is not intended as the remedy for all the ills that escaped from Pandora’s box but is meant to be recognized as perhaps the most […]

Finding meaning and other small fish

While we experience our living selves through the clear or filtered gateways of all of our senses we can only think about those experiences in our verbal language.

Rumination 3; please read 1 and 2 before reading this

In a way that is possibly similar to the verbally disorienting but mathematically reliable formula  in quantum physics known as the wave-particle duality theory, perhaps it is reasonable to understand the soul (universal creative energy) as simultaneously one and the same on going eternal process which appears and is experienced as differentiated as it manifests […]