Monthly Archives: August 2009

Even Diapers aren’t so easy

I find it remarkable that so many people think it’s easy to change a system despite their continual frustration at trying to change any of their own habits, or the patterns of behavior in their families, friends, and work groups that seem to annoy or undermine their efforts at “fixing” what’s wrong with whatever it […]

Infomercials: a diet for disaster

The written word provides its own authority. We learn that in school, a tradition handed down from the Western Middle Ages when monks copied holy scripture. That formal and familiar classroom structure was elaborated in the school system of Prussia in the 1880’s. When we hear about innovation attempts in education it always within the […]

Personal Identity: We are always of a “type”

In this particular culture at this particular time most of us invest a tremendous amount of energy and time trying to become whoever we think we are supposed to become. Supposed to become because that’s what our parents, friends, family, wives, husbands or sons and daughters want us to be; and/or because we think we […]

Descent into Democracy

An article in this morning’s Washington Post got me thinking. It was telling the story of the new magic media: texting, twittering, tweeting, twits, twizzles and whatever other “t” words are used to describe the instant messaging that goes on between people no longer in voice proximity. In this particular case, the subject of the […]

A line in the Sand

“A line in the sand is, metaphorically, a point beyond which no further advance will be accepted or made.” ┬áThat according to Wickipedia, and probably all other phraseology references. I would like to take a closer look at that notion. Certainly the historical attributes all come from a time when there was more sand than […]

No conflict; No drama

well managed conflict may further new understanding; unmanaged conflict leads to destruction