From Jung, through Freud, to Moreno and Booker

Perhaps all constructs emerge from the experience we have when we feel we have encountered some fundamental principals of life. We try to develop and share our understanding of what we have experienced by making them manifest via verbal, artistic (visual and musical) and mechanical constructs. With that statement as the ground for the outline of thought that follows here is what I see as the functional relationship among these four theory builders:

Jung’s co-unconscious and archetypal descriptions illustrate our species relationship to each other- what we share in our genetic pool from which our individual life emerges.   Freud describes the psychological developmental process of the individual as it emerges from the undifferentiated pool. Moreno identifies that  emergent process as the protagonist in the drama of of an individual life and as a supporting actor in the life drama of family, friends, and  social networks. Booker brings us back by way of Jung to an understanding of why we “love stories” and need to find meaning in our lives by way of narrative constructs. We are constrained and liberated  in our ability to understand our life and to take action based on that understanding by our internal and unavoidable need to find meaning by way of the stories we tell ourselves and each other. Whether or not there is meaning that exists in a reality separate from the one we live in each day is a question that seems, at least for this moment, out of reach because we have no way to measure the absolute validity of competing narratives. Perhaps our stories point to a truth beyond our understanding, and, then again, perhaps not.

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