Role Theory

The particular genius of J.L. Moreno, the founder of Psychodrama, Sociodrama, and Sociometry was to understand that we are all, and always are, in relationship to each other, to the group and even to ourselves via reciprocal roles. In his terminology there is no stand alone self. There is in place of that notion, the idea that we are all connected to the same source of creativity that fuels the life forms that surround us. Fortunately he coupled that understanding with a training that enables sensitive and thoughtful professionals to utilize it in the positive development of individuals and groups. The functional frame for his theory of human behavior is drama. It is the primary referential for understanding ourselves in the multiple roles that through which we engage each other every day. Thus today’s drama is everyday’s drama.

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  1. Trevor · · Reply

    Birth We are all together in our aloneness. That connection is reciprocal, but the exchange may not always be observable. Where our thoughts and roles bleed, we read between the lines. These lines we learn, by write & rote, define what is by what is not. More is Not than ever there will Be, to any one of us. But to all of us as One- the animals, the trees, life across the Universe- Everything Is All It Is. We are actors, but years of typecasting cements one’s perception of the possible. We are human, but thousands of years of language have their reins on us with our Alpha-Bits. We are sentient and free, yet our roles become rules become law becomes Wall. But, four walls can be a prison or a house. The role can be a prison or a house. It can pigeon-hole us, or set the parameters we one day will cross, as we renew and re-invent ourselves.

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