Mock rakers

“We mock what we are to become.”  That’s what Mel Brooks said as the 2000 year old man, lo these many years ago. What then will the mock a minute entertainers of CNN all day “smart as we can be” would-be news reporters become? A steady feeding from these folks will deprive you of any notion that political leaders of either party ever have any other interests but their own in mind as they wander and wonder through the day. Really? Is that all we can expect from people who have devoted their adult lives as instruments of the democratic process? And is this all we can expect from high paid “analysts” and the “best political team in the universe?”

Gossip serves an important social purpose, and so does ridicule. But we are in danger of constant indigestion if that is all we can find on the menu. Amusement may be the intent, but indifference may be the result. I wonder how the information we need to make good political judgements would be prepared and served if their aim was to help us broaden and deepen our understanding of the complexities that face our representatives as they try to effectively govern in a world  of constant motion.

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