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Individual vs. Social Responsibility

So I’m in the left turn lane, behind one car, waiting for the arrow. It lights up, and the guy in front of me looks back at me, shrugs and points to the lane next to us where he intended to be.  Of course we all make mistakes, but I cannot help wondering why his […]

The voice of life

A line popped into my head some months ago and reappears from time to time bringing with it new perspectives, or perhaps re-aligning old ones. The line is simply: We are all fleshy manifestations of a ubiquitous spirit. As I try today to make some relational sense of language and our bodies and the way […]

Ethics vs. Group Norms

Clearly there are enough lessons from History,  Sociology and Social Psychology to convince us that more often than not group norms trump individual ethics. In the current “wannabe” debate between  the pros and cons (interesting  abbreviations as they apply  to Wall  Street) of new regulations for the financial “industry” ( a misnomer?) we seem to […]

Freud, Jung and Moreno

More and more of the current research in psychology is making good use of the advances in technology that encourage us to understand ourselves in terms of  chemistry,biology and genetics. That direction combined with my own experience in the field leads me to the following paradox: while we cannot change who we are, we can […]

Minds are like faces

“Minds are like faces, no two are alike.” That at least is the way I remember the quote as I read it attributed to the Talmud. The line, whether or not remembered correctly, goes a long way as a simple, very reasonable explanation as to why I can agree with a friend on so many […]

Acting Out

From Wickepedia Encyclopedia: Acting out is a psychological term meaning to perform an action to express (often unconscious) emotional conflicts. The acting done is usually anti-social and may take the form of acting on the impulses of an addiction (ie. drinking, drug taking or shoplifting) or in a means designed (often unconsciously or semi-consciously) to […]

You, me, and us

Given our adoration of the INDIVIDUAL it’s ironic but no wonder that as a “group” our  culture fell in love with individually focused Freudian psychodynamic theory.  We all subscribe  to the notion of  individual responsibility, individual effort, and individual reward. Even in our team sports we filter out the reality of team effort and give […]

Dancing in the Dark

This morning from the bedroom closet where she was dressing for work, my wife called out to me, “Can you pick up the dry cleaning today?” An innocent enough request that benign or not, reasonable or not, intruded on my combination newspaper reading and internal scheduling activity, which despite or perhaps because it is so […]

Tele according to J.L. Moreno

New York University (2009, March 8). Scientists Identify Neural Circuitry Of First Impressions. ScienceDaily. Retrieved March 10, 2009, from /releases/2009/0New York University (2009, March 8). Scientists Identify Neural Circuitry Of First Impressions. ScienceDaily. Retrieved March 10, 2009, from  /releases/2009/03/090308142247.htm3/090308142247.htm I would like to think that the article referenced above (well done and certainly […]

Role Theory

The particular genius of J.L. Moreno, the founder of Psychodrama, Sociodrama, and Sociometry was to understand that we are all, and always are, in relationship to each other, to the group and even to ourselves via reciprocal roles. In his terminology there is no stand alone self. There is in place of that notion, the […]